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Masquerade Meets Princess Skyla {princess Skyla Be :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 5 4 Till I Hear You Sing :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 3 6 New Winter Outfit :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 2 7 Celestia Meet Masquerade :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 4 10 Masquerade (my New Mane Style This Is What I Look :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 8 26 Masquerade :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 8 16 Thankyou! To All My Watchers!!! :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 6 18 rosy :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 13 2 Page One My Little Classmates :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 7 13 my little classmates NEW COMIC :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 8 11 Merry Chrismas! :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 11 19
I dreamed a dream that love would never die
I dreamed a dream that love would never die
hey guys this is a discordcelestia shipping you have been warned
Once upon a there was a beautiful alicorn princess by the name of Celestia and her sister Princess Luna ruled over the magical land of Equestria. Celestia was a white alicorn with pink flowing mane and a cutie mark of a golden sun. She was in charge of raising the sun for Equestria every morning and making it set at the end of the day and was that one how brought light. Luna was a dark blue with a light blue mane and the cutie mark of a moon. She was in charge of rainsing the moon and brining the night.
One evening after Celestia went out into the castle garden. The garden were lush and green. Flowers were in bloom of all colours and the sky was a dark blue with star that shone. Celestia sat down in a part of the grass that was partially lush and admired the night that her sister had created and all its wonder. She felt completely at peace and relaxed. That was until she realize
:icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 3 4
Dragonpony :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 12 47 Gala Dress For Midnightflare13 :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 9 15 Ribbons! :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 7 0 School Dress :icondiscordcelestia:discordcelestia 6 0


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Masquerade Meets Princess Skyla {princess Skyla Be
celestia "masquerade meet princess skyla"
masquerade"its a pleasure to meet you bows"
skyla "you dont need to bow so your an alicorn but how if celestia dident give you wings or a horn"
masquerade" my sister was trying to build somthing and lets just say it gave me wing  and might have briefly turned her into a gumball machine but she turned back unlike me"
skyla" wow so your gonna be staying in the castle"
masquerade" if you dont mind celestia thought it best to not tell the public yet"
skyla"of course i dont mind silly and im afraid you wont be able to stay in my room i kind of have ghost heart and midnight star bunking with me but i think i have the perfect room for you" 
masquerade "really"
skyla"yeh follow me"
hey guys this is when i meet princess skyla who is apart of my cannon along with a few other alicorn princesses skyla belongs to mlp-and-anime-rock
Celestia Meet Masquerade
celestia: hello youge one
masquerade: he....hello.. ni..nice to you
celestia:this is amazing what has happened to you is it not
masquerade: yes it is
celestia:your sister is very talented she will be made royal scientist
masquerade:really!that would make all her dreams come true.. i mean thankyou
celestia: no need to be shy young one now we need to find out what kind of magic this machine has given you so i will introduce you to a very amazing pony who is wonderful with magic
masquerade: really who
celestia: princess skyla she will help you
masquerade: (whispers) omg princess of protection she is so cool
celestia: now come with me i will take you to her
masquerade:follows celestia
celestia: jumpstart
jumpstart: umm YES YOUR HIGHNESS. jump starts turns to her quickly
celestia:you may start your research in the royal lab and as for your sister she will stay in the caslte as will you
jumpstart:yes your highness thankyou
celestia: you are welcome masquerade will be will me
masquerade: waves goodbye to jumpstart then goes with celestia
Masquerade (my New Mane Style This Is What I Look
hope you guys like how she looks p.s she not a natural alicorn or a princess. no princess made her an alicorn it was an axerdent of you want to know more feel free to ask


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